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The Power of Primaries


Definition: primary a creation or communication invested with sufficient intention and effort to create a reality 

Primaries are wonderful things. In the universe of self, they create mental states or remove self-limitations. They change how sensations are evaluated (perception) or how one defines and identifies oneself. 

When they are made from a near definitionless state of source, they can also influence the universe of the other and the physical universe. 

In the universe of the other, a primary creates an intentional pressure or urging to act in a certain way. The primary can be verbally communicated, as in the case of a direct order, or it can be telepathically communicated. The power of the person making the primary and the receptivity of the person receiving the primary determine if the primary will manifest. (Intuition may be the effect of a universal tendency affecting your private universe.) 

Some people, particularly Avatar graduates, have attested to changing their physical condition and even the structure of their bodies with primaries. It does happen. Others have altered or even reversed a sequence of cause-and-effect events. Tales of miracles abound. 

Even when no miracle is created, a primary has the effect of refocusing your attention on a path of opportunity leading to the manifestation that you are intending. The primary acts like a road map. A route to your destination is marked.


Definition: secondary 1. an unintended creation that is triggered by the creation one intends 2. an effort or intention concerned with how a primary is, was, or will be received 3. an effort to monitor or modify the origin point or receipt point of a communication 4. something that is there other than what is knowingly being created 5. an unaligned effort

Existing conditions (default patterns) can be reactivated by a primary. These are called secondaries. 

In the physical universe, the default patterns are the physical laws of science. It's extremely difficult (though maybe not impossible) to discreate physical laws like gravity or entropy. 

Alignment with deeper and deeper source awareness can overcome even the most stubborn secondary (though often the primary disappears as well). 

In the universe of self, the power that reactivates the secondary is never any greater than the power that is making the primary. It's you! So persistence (and now the primary) will eventually create the self-universe reality that you prefer. 

Statements that reflect your relationship with the world are true if you decide they are true. Statements about conditions and events in the world are true if they reflect the agreement of the participants.

Reality Implies Limits 

Most of you can stand on the sidewalk in downtown New York City and make the primary, "I am happy," and you will be happy. Or you could make the primary, "This is beautiful," and you will see beauty all around. But if you make the primary, "I am in Chicago," you probably won't suddenly transport a thousand miles to Chicago. Teleportation is not within your primary's power-not yet. 

Convincing yourself that you are in Chicago while you are still in New York is delusional thinking. There is plenty of that. You can find dozens of street derelicts who have convinced themselves of primaries that are in complete disagreement with the reality in which they are living. The back pressure from making a primary that can't manifest is a delusional reality. (Mental hospitals are filled with people who are living and creating in delusional realities.) 

Rationally, there are two choices you can make with the primary, "I am in Chicago." One, you can let the primary highlight a path of opportunity-for example, you notice there is a bus terminal on the corner-or you can redirect the primary to change your mental state and handle self-limitations. For example, "I want to go to Chicago, and there is nothing stopping me." 

Primaries work best when they are used to shape and steer the reality in which you are operating, rather than challenging the limits of that reality. 

Making the primary, "I am an expert sky diver," and then wondering why your parachute doesn't open while you plummet to earth is a difficult secondary to exaggerate. Expert sky diver was a delusional reality, which you will convincingly discover when your body impacts the earth. 

It's an unwise concession to the ego to primary a skill that you haven't confidently achieved by study and practice. What you can primary is the mental perseverance to acquire the skill. Skills are acquired by study (including contemplation and observation) and practice. The perseverance to study and practice is the result of primaries. The correct primary is, "I will study and practice sky diving until I become an expert." 

By contrast, sky diving is a no-brainer compared to the study and practice required to become a successful Avatar Master. Making the primary, "I am a successful Avatar Master" may be satisfying to the ego, but it is the wrong primary. It is delusional. The impact that will convince you that it is delusional is called poverty! 

Consider a first-year medical student who makes the primary, "I am an expert surgeon." Are you going to let him or her operate on you? 

The right primary is, "I will practice and study until I become a successful Avatar Master." Voila! 

There is a difference between a mental state and a skill. It's easy to primary a mental state, but it is a little delusional to think you can primary a skill.

Be, Do, and Have Primaries 

Primaries directly affect being and doing. When having is primaried, a path of being and doing will reveal itself that, if followed, will eventually arrive at having the thing.

 If you want immediate gratification, primary states of being (e.g., being happy). Being is not stained by the world. You can create any state of being and any feeling. Deliberately creating different states tames the mind. Quick rewards. 

If you are willing to temporarily delay gratification, primary both being and doing. These primaries will involve some effort, but getting out and around is wonderfully therapeutic.

Recognizing Opportunity 

There is a story about a man who is trapped on a roof by rising floodwaters. He prays, "God save me." 

Rescuers in a boat come by, but he refuses to get in. "It would be a weakness in my faith," he tells them. "God will save me." The waters continue to rise. Finally a Coast Guard helicopter comes and hovers overhead. He refuses to climb the ladder. "It would be a weakness in my faith. God will save me." The waters finally rise over the roof, and he is swept away and drowns. 

When he reaches Heaven, he cries out angrily to God. "I kept my faith. Why didn't you answer my prayers?" 

God replies, "Answer your prayers? I sent a boat and a helicopter. What more did you want?"

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