Avatar Overdrive

For many years, the articles in this archive were only available to Avatar Graduates. We are sincerely grateful to Harry Palmer and Star's Edge International for making these materials available for the use of all mankind.



Inside Avatar Issue 1

The Path to Happiness

The Power of Primaries

Avatar Voices and Memories

Inside Avatar Issue 2

How Much Time Do You Need?


What Are You Waiting For?

Avatar Voices and Memories 

Inside Avatar Issue 3

Thoughts are Angels

Primaries And Domains

Actions Aligned With The Creation Of An Enlightened Planetary Civilization 

Inside Avatar Issue 4

How Avatar Creates Enlightenment

Growing Beyond The Terrain 

Learning How To Feel

Angels In Flight

Avatar Voices and Memories 

Inside Avatar Issue 5

Just Who Do You Think You Are

Help For A Suffering Planet 

Avatar Voices and Memories

Inside Avatar Issue 6

An Abundant Universe

A Master Course Talk 

Intellectual Enlightenment vs. Real Enlightenment 

Becoming Okay With Yourself

 Avatar Voices

Inside Avatar Issue 7

Quiet Mind: Finding Your Way Home


The Role Of The Spiritual Teacher 

Manifesting Dreams

Avatar Voices 

Inside Avatar Issue 8

Here's Another Way Of Looking At It

Enlightened Justice Procedure

Personal Responsibility 

Avatar Voices And Memories

Inside Avatar Issue 9

Unlocking Your Own Mind

The Enemy Of Enlightenment

Avatar Voices And Memories 



Exercise 12 from ReSurfacing


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