“How much nicer to walk around now believing that life is easy…”



John Steiner, philanthropist and investor, has participated as an activist, organizer, fundraiser and networker in movements for peace, the environment, social justice and socially responsible business. John is an AvatarŪ Master who delivers the course in Boulder, Colorado, with his wife, Margo King and friends, Laura Lee Canon and Rick Paine.






On going benefits I derive from AvatarŪ:


-           A deepening of my intuition, my capacity to enjoy and feel life, and to be present with and appreciate other people just as they are.


-          As an old Zen practitioner, I have been deeply touched by the exercises Avatar offers to quiet the mind, in fact, to get the mind out of the way.


-           As a political activist, organizer and networker, I find that the Avatar tools allow me to con­tinue seeing positions/points of view as simply manifestations of beliefs and therefore empty of an independent reality and not to be judged. These tools are a major, long-term contribution toward world peace and an enlightened planetary civilization.


-           End of psychosomatic pain in my chest which I had carried around, off and on, for over 30 years.


How much nicer to walk around now believing that life is easy and everything works out, instead of my old beliefs that life is hard and full of suffering and I must keep a constant, worrisome vigil to protect myself! Ah!


All is not perfect by any means! The shadow still knows. Yet what I love most are that the tools allow me to stop resisting the hard stuff, to play with it and fully experience it as it arises, and then let it go. I know in my bones that it's always all right to feel like this, whatever this is. The superego continues to relinquish its hold...


As an Avatar trainer I experience a profound sense of gratitude and love to be able to pass these skills on to others and watch friends, colleagues, and former strangers lighten up, loosen up, open up, laugh and be happy.




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