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In the following pages you will find philosophy, testimonials, interviews and memories, but most of all, our love. Enjoy!


A question we've often been asked is why is Avatar doing so well in France. We reflected on that over dinner at a Seafood restaurant on the French Riveria.

Many answers came up. The French are very feeling...Avatar is not a belief sys tem...The early French Masters were very well trained...

Our discussion was interrupted by a group of German masters who "happened" to arrive at the same restaurant where we were dining. Watching their excitement caused the first question to be forgotten and a new question to arise: "Why is Avatar doing so well in Germany now?"

In a moment that question changed into ~Why is Avatar expanding all over the globe?'

The answer came from the universe in the guise of a smiling hostess who approached our table; "What do you people do? You all look like you're having so much fun."

Maybe the secret of the success of any creation is its ability to make people smile. That certainly describes Avatar!


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To all the contributors to the Avatar Journal

To the Masters in La Napoule, France who felt the space that connects us, To all the men and women of the Avatar Network.



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Avatar And The Denial Zone - by Emma Bragdon, Ph.D.


The Subtle Powers - by Bob Tanenbaum

Three Articles on Avatar - by Harry Palmer (Author of the Avatar Materials)

Poem - by Judith Witman-Small


AVATAR--The Ultimate Process - by Annette Maynard

The Avatar Times - The World's Waking Up To Avatar

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Sue Sweetland

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Avatar: (1) a deity who voluntarily assumes physical form to participate in creation: (2) a person who has successfully completed the Avatar Course.

Avatar Master: A graduate of the Avatar Master's Course who is  trained and licensed by Star's Edge to deliver the Avatar Course.

Star's Edge International: The corporation that manages the Avatar Network.

Star's Edge Trainer: An individual who has been extensively trained and apprenticed by Star's Edge Inc. in the delivery technology of Avatar.

The Avatar course is available only from licensed Avatar Masters. (Currently there are over 750 masters in 31 countries.) For the Master nearest you call 407-788-3090.




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